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    Bones McKenzie and the Gravediggers are a strictly studio only project. Music is only released digitally, thus no money is made other than from digital downloads. Believe it or not, this shit costs thousands to make so if you can afford it, minimum payment is a measly $1. If not, you can stream whenever you want because music should be free but we're all subservient to the monetary economy. Not complaining; just informing.
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Bones McKenzie is the son of Lucifer. He has come to this planet to illuminate the earth's people to the truth about Christianity. That truth is that God is actually a fictional character made up by Lucifer the Almighty: Creator of Worlds in a glorious bid to weed out and identify the weak of heart. Bones' job is to come to earth and kill those people, thus ensuring the safe passage of their souls to the netherworld where they can burn in the lake of fire and cleanse their moronic souls of their idiocy. That way, they may soon return to earth with the ability to think critically and question authority. Bones is a humanitarian, and should be treated as such. This song is all about the various fun ways Bones likes to kill his victims.


(verse 1)

I come from where
blazing fires burn forever
And I come for you
Split your body up in two
I'll take you where
damned souls will meet their maker
I do declare ain't no god is saving you

Tell me my name


It's Bones McKensie
My name is Bones McKensie
And if you gave your life to Jesus
You've got to save your soul by burning in hell


(verse 2)

I'll carve you up
From your collar with a chainsaw
I'll spear you up
Get you roasting on a spit
I'll cut you up
Oh till you be speaking tongues like
*speaks in tongues*


*murder rampage*


released August 12, 2014
Bones McKenzie: Vocals, Guitars, Murder weapons
Pick: Drums, Burying victims
Shovel: Bass, Backing vocals, Burying victims

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tigran Fuzzmeister as part of repaying Satan for that one thing he still owes him for.

Church Choir: Victims
Random guy in I <3 Jesus T-shirt: Victim



all rights reserved


Bones McKenzie and the Gravediggers hell, Michigan

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